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Fucoidan Fucoidan

Namanokoso Fucoidan
Intensive antioxidant effect
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The skill and hope are injected tothis one capsule

Fucoxanthin Fucoidan succeeded in stabilizing fucoxanthin which was hard to handle until now. Fucoxanthin is a component with value as a rarity. But it has a weak point which is inactivated by heat or light when fucoxanthin alone is extracted.

While knowing that it has high functionality, the situation continued that it did not reach commercialization. However, as a result of repeated trial and error for many years, we have found that high quality fucoxanthin alone can be shelf-stable through providing our original manufacturing method to extract and stabilize.

Notable various effects of fucoxanthin

Role as inducer
At the 68 th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association 2009, it was announced that fucoidan-induced apoptosis was due to "carotenoids" contained in brown algae "fucoxanthin".

Intensive antioxidant effect
Another feature of fucoxanthin is intensive antioxidant effect. For example, it is said that it has about 6000 times effect compared with vitamin C and about 800 times effect compared with its coenzyme Q 10. Active oxygen removal which is considered to be related to lifestyle diseases is similarly expected.

*What is apoptosis ?

Apoptosis is a programmed cell death. As normal cells have a self-destructive switch, unneeded and abnormal cells die out naturally. On the other hand, cancer cells are abnormal cells that continue to proliferate without apoptosis.