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The wisdom of brewing tradition

Namano Koso chosen to keep the health of masters

People say they feel the force of life of super high pressure when they enter into the wine cellar of Sawada Brewing.  We believe it is the power of yeast that inhabit the cellar.  Making use of yeast that has inhabited the distillery (brewery) for 120 years, Sawada Company., Ltd. is making Japanese wine and healthy food such as enzyme and yeast.  Sawada Company., Ltd. was founded in 1830, and is widely known for NARA’s famous wine [kankiko] since it started the brewing industry in 1889.

The starting point of manufacturing fermented health food such as enzyme and yeast was when the Distillery scholar Swada Teiji, the fourth owner cultivated fermented extract in 1935 to keep the health of masters working for brewery.  Since then, in 1965 when Sawada Sadako, who was a musician and professor of Takaratsuka Music School  was the fifth owner, Professor Morishita  who is MD and member of the International Natural Medicine Association inspected Sawada Brewing, liquid enzyme was commercialized under the Professor’s guidance.

More than 100 raw material carefully selected

Radish,  carrot, cabbage, Napa cabbage, burdock, lotus root, plum, Shitake mushroom, seaweed, kelp, pineapple, purple cabbage, sunny lettuce, pumpkin, cucumber, melon cucumber, papaya mango, orange, dott, celery, egg plant, tomato, crown daisy, cauliflower, water melon, green moss, dakasi, pingji, saradana, lettuce, spinach, bok choy, ashitaba, asian plantain, liquorice, pine mushroom, green vegetables, maitake, onion, Yangmomil, chinese matrimony vine, broccoli, potato, lily root, sweet potato, kidney bean, ginner, pepper, okura, chives, parsley, stone parsley, myoga, green pepper, mandarin orange, enokitake, loquat, asparagus, persimmon, green onion, brown rice, barley, Chinese pearl barley, hog millet, sesame, meneghi, pear, radish tops, lemon, bean sprouts, moroheiya, butterbur, gardenia seeds, bamboo shoot, taro stem, fatsia shotts, benincasa hispida, goya, banana, melon, tsukini, taro, strawberry, yuzu, wasabi, grape, plum, kabos, edible chrysanthemum, yungji seaweed, mozuku, equisetum arvense, tumeric, silver vine, loquat, red bean, black bean, green soybean

Yeast fungus handed down in brewing born from the distilling technology of 120 years or more

Namano Koso is made by fermenting such carefully chosen raw materials as vegetables, fruits, and seaweeds with brown sugar, going through the first fermentation, the second fermentation, and 2-3 years of fermentation process.  The first fermentation for one year starts at a traditional distillery, and it is a major feature of this fermentation process that it gives birth to high function that does not exist with other companies because yeast fuguns, laketoadozis is used, which has been handed down in Sawada distillery, born from the brewing technology  of 120 years.

Enzymes are essentially the backbone of proper nutrition and digestion. They play a critical role to ensure that foods are digested completely. They are the bio-catalysts for the functioning of many important bodily activities such as digestion, circulation, healing, detoxification and metabolism.

D-one Live Enzyme does not contain any preservatives, added water, thickener or coloring.

Supports Digestion And Nutrient Absorption

The body’s ability to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients depends on the presence of enzymes. All foods serve little functions in the body until they can be broken down into smaller molecules to be fully absorbed and utilized by the body.


Enzymes are responsible in the removal of old cells that may interrupt your body’s normal metabolic processes. It also helps in digestion of food to prevent undigested food from accumulating in our body. An optimum level of enzyme stores in the body will efficiently remove and counteract waste products.

Alkalinizes Body

An acidic body constitution may leads to a weakened immunity and health. It is important to maintain a slightly alkaline body pH for optimal health. Enzymes help to maintain acid/alkaline balance.

Replenishes Energy

Enzymes help to relieve the burden of vital organs by aiding the breakdown and absorption of food that our body need to remain healthy and energized. By giving your body its maximum ability to absorb nutrients, this helps to elevate and increase one’s physical vitality and energy stores.

Selection of Raw Foods

106 top-quality whole, uncut raw ingredients are carefully selected and prepared.

Chlorine-free water is used to thoroughly wash the ingredients, no chemical detergent is involved.